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The Process

Romaker Law previously had no online presence. While the firm was successful, it completely relied on referrals and television ads for the majority of their traffic.

Once they had their new website developed, our SEO team went through the entire content and re-tooled it to meet Google's guidelines and catered to the algorithm.

Additionally, our outreach team was able to collaborate with other blogs and websites in order to establish trusted and high-authority backlinks to help increase Romaker's domain weight.

Along with organic SEO, our marketing team set up an effective strategy through the Google Ad platform to set up re-targeting ads to bring back any clients that visited the page and had left without a conversion.

The Result

From no where on Google to literally page one in 30 days. This was one of our work we have been most proud of. To completely turn around their Google ranking in such a short period of time is not common, but we were able to accomplish this feat.